Thursday, October 28, 2010

C Family Pictures

This was my first family session! I had a blast, and it was so much fun. How could it not be when you are taking pictures of your best friend and her beautiful family. We have lived next door to the C Family for the last six years, and in two different neighborhoods. Our kids are best friends, and I am so blessed to be a part of their lives. I have been able to watch these beautiful girls grow! I absolutely love them with all my heart. A little off the subject, but this came up the other day between the kids....the girls won't ever have aunts and uncles because Chad and Jaime are only children. I told the girls that we could be their aunt and uncle if they want us to I think Em Em was a tad confused!
The cutest thing happened today... Daniel came home from work and Em Em was over and ran up and gave him a big hug. I think it made his day, because he came in with a big smile on his face and told us all about it! They are such a beautiful family and I thank God for letting them into our lives. We have been through a lot together and I appreciate your patience and understanding (well at least as much as you can!!!) more than you know, thank you. Chad, Jaime, Em Em and Ave Ave I love you and thanks for letting me take your pics! P.S. Too many pics to post, so these are just a few of my favs!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Rian

Our cousins baby girl turned 1 last week and I got the privilege of taking her pictures. I took a few the week before, and the day of the party. The party was candy land themed and it was so cute. We got to have it at our house, and it was super fun getting to decorate a party for a girl, I never get to do that. We had giant candies hanging from the beams in our kitchen and jars filled with different candies. I love taking first birthday pictures they are so much fun!
It was crazy day though Garage sale in the AM birthday party with 30 adults, and then after party with all our "big cousins" wonder why I can't seem to heal after all my surgeries.
Anyway here are a few pics I took. Rian Elizabeth you are a beautiful sweet natured little girl. I had soooo much fun taking your pictures and I can't wait to see what you become someday. I love you and happy 1st birthday!