Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekend Away

So, this weekend my best friend Jaime and I went away for our annual shopping trip. I left all three boys with Daniel, and yes they did survive. I was a little concerned leaving him with all three, since Eli is still so little. It seemed to go pretty well. Daniel didn't sound too stressed when I talked to him (minus Eli having a poop explosion, oh how I would have liked to be a fly on the wall for that one), and best of all Ethan learned how to ride a bike this weekend with NO training wheels! Most importantly I had a great time. Thanks Jaime it was nice spending some long overdue time with just the two of us!!!
Daniel did get his time too. The weekend before he went hunting with his dad, and my weekend with the boys was a bit more stressful...
First, I thought we needed a break from the apartment, so I thought it would be fun to go to Target and look at some of the toys, so I knew what they wanted for Christmas. Well wasn't I mistaken. Ethan did not want to ride in the cart and that was NOT an option because then Owen would want out and well, that is just NEVER going to happen because he hides (I had just gone into Rue 21 right before the Target adventure to get a gift, and they were awful I mean awful. I think Owen was lost 5 times and were literally there 5 minutes). Well, needless to say Ethan was throwing a fit because he wanted to walk. I put my hand on his shoulder to tell him to stop and my keys scratched his neck, so he yells in the entrance of Target"Mommy you don't do that to children" I was hoping their were no security guards around. Some man says to me "wow you have you hands full don't you?" Yes I I do! I use to say it's not too bad, but lets be honest, I probably look like a mad woman when I have all three boys by myself! I did apologize to Ethan because I did not mean to scratch him. The whole time we were in Target he was crying to get out of the cart because his "butt and legs hurt really really bad." I told him no every time he asked, so when we were checking out he yells at me and says "you won't let me out...that is why you are not a super mom" seriously did he just say that? Where did he come up with that in the first place? NEVER have I claimed that , so I said to him "no Ethan I am not a supermom, I'm sorry to disappoint you." He usually is not so naughty, but he is like this when Daddy is gone.
The next fiasco was on Sunday. Sheila and I were throwing a baby shower for my cousin Kandace who just had the sweetest little girl a few weeks ago. Well, Daniel was still gone and I to get the cake, balloons and a few other things. It was raining that day, why I don't know. I went into the store with all three of my kids in the rain while Owen kept stomping in the puddles and getting everyone soaking wet. Well, the boys are insistent about getting one of those car carts (I hate those things they are so hard to push) all the boys do is fight and climb up the top of them. They are just a a disaster...who invented them anyway? So, I am checking out and it started pouring rain, I mean pouring. I go outside, and was trying to decide what the heck to do with my children the cake and the balloons. I contemplated asking a complete stranger to stay with my kids while I got the car, but decided that was probably not a good idea (I can guarantee you Daniel would have) so, we all got a rain shower and all three of my children were screaming and crying by the time we are all in the car. Yes, I was cursing Daniel in my head the entire time for not being home, but he had a great time with his dad and that is all that matters!
Looks like Daniel's weekend with the boys was a lot better than mine, unless he just not sharing it all....

Friday, November 13, 2009

Family Pictures

My friend Carissa took our pictures a few weeks ago. Here are a few of the many she took. She is doing a great job, and I am so happy she has found something that she enjoys so much. Thanks again Carissa, I hope the boys were not too crazy!

The Begining

So... it seems like blogging is the new thing. I thought I would give it a try. Our lives are a little crazy right now living in a 1100 square foot apartment while our new house is being built, so I thought that if I wanted to keep my sanity, I should find something to do in my spare time, since I have so much of if (yeah right). Eli is going to spend most of his first year of life at this apartment I hope he is not traumatized. He started rolling over the day before yesterday. As soon as I put him down he immediately rolls to his tummy and then cries because he doesn't want to be on his tummy. Hopefully he learns he can roll back over soon. They started the new house about two weeks ago and they finished the roof today. Thank you God for the beautiful weather we have had over the last few weeks. Our two-year old said "Yay! Our house is done" when we drove by today, I had to explain they still had a lot to do before it would be ready for us to move in, then he wanted to know when the walls would be "fixed." FYI never take a 4 year old, a two year old and a 4 month old appliance shopping. Bad idea. I'm pretty sure we went way over budget because we just wanted out of there! I think we lost Owen in a dryer and one point, and I'm pretty sure it is because Ethan told him to get in it. Boys will be boys what can I say. I hope everyone enjoys our journey through this process. It should be interesting.