Thursday, August 26, 2010

Remodeling the new house....NOT because we want to

Okay, so our lives have been complete and utter chaos since...well I would say last June when Eli was born. Poor baby he has no clue what normal life is, but then what really is normal and maybe this is just the way our lives are going to be now? So... 1)Eli was born 2)we sold our old house 3)started building a custom home (serious chaos) 4)moved into an apartment (only 1100 square feet, all five of us and our yellow lab!)5)took our first road trip to California (sorry but that was chaos too, do you remember the zobo story)6) My first surgery the begin of March when we were supposed to be in the new one at the end of the month (ps the day before this surgery I tore three tendons in my ankle, bruised the bones and broke my tibius or something like that, which lead to several sessions of physical therapy because I had time for that) 7) second surgery the week before we were moving because evidently I'm allergic to all stitches besides silk and I had to learn the hard way 8) moving and unpacking 9)Third surgery in June (a tumor, not cancer thank goodness) 10) My incision opened a week after the surgery (which happened to be 4th of July and we were at the lake, sucked for me!) which left me with a huge hole in my stomach because they couldn't close it back up 11) trip to MI (road trip again) 12) found out I had a hernia from an incision from the tumor surgery so had to schedule another surgery 13) Lake Powell Trip (which everyone should go on) 14)Hernia repair surgery which was way worse then they thought and I am still recovering and it was two weeks ago's going to be a long recovery 15)WE HAVE A WATER LEAK IN THE NEW HOUSE....WHAT??? and yes we had mold and yes they had to rip out the dinning room and our floors and probably re-sand and re stain the whole house to match the dining room. I noticed the wains coating bubbling awhile back, and this is what it ended up looking like before it was all said and done. Oh, did I mention that my sister is getting married in three weeks. See... complete and utter CHAOS!!! I know I am blessed and other people out there have a way worse story, but it still is not fun living in chaos and I know some was brought on by us, but still did we really have to add all the surgeries into the mix?!?! and the water leak? Anyway they have been tearing out the dinning room be for a few days and put these huge air purifiers in our house. Can we say LOUD it is miserable, like my house is not loud enough already with three boys plus we have to have the cartoons blasting in the background and then everyone has to yell anyway to hear others because of the filters, I have never heard the word what so many times in three days and it is getting annoying! Now the rebuild begins, so more chaos. I think I need pain and suffering for this. HMMM...I wonder if that really exists?!?! I'm so on board if it does! Anyway my point was poor baby Eli he is such a good baby and I think it's because he was born into chaos and he has no choice but to be good! I hope for his sake this all ends soon. I guess the saying is true, when it rains it pours, but it could be much much worse. So we are remodeling our four month old house!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


My baby (I mean big boy) started school last week. Not just school, but his very first year of all day school. His teacher from last year did the loop program, so thank goodness he got her again (fyi the loop program is when a teacher has the same group of students two years in a row). She is an amazing teacher and E adored her. Somehow his friends Easton and Emma got in his class again as well!!! For those of you who don't know, Ethan and Emma have been best friends since they were two months old (I know, I know someday this will change), and Easton and Ethan have been friends since they were three, so I'm still amazed that they are all together again because there was a lottery system and only 21 out of 40 kids got picked to participate in the program.
So the first day of school was complete and utter chaos. First, I was having surgery that day at noon, so I was nervous about my surgery, and all kinds of emotions of E starting school were running through me. I could not have my coffee that day, and that is never a good thing! Those of you who know me well are well aware of this. I just wanted a few pictures, but Ethan was so not into it. I tried not to get mad, but I did, and really didn't want to start crying already. Daniel came in the living room and told Ethan that this was a very important day for mommy and daddy because he was the first one to go to big boy school. He is a sweet little boy, so thank goodness the talk worked. We leave for school and yes all five of us went! Traffic was horrible, I was thinking really is he going to be late for his first day of school, and do they give tardy slips on the first day of school? we finally get to school, and on time...but no parking. But don't let that stop Daniel...we were walking our baby into his classroom no doubt about it, so he drives over the curb and onto that grass and yes that is where we parked! We walk in and down the hall towards his class as I am holding the tears back. He gets to his class and sees Easton and talks to him for a bit (and yes C and I dressed them the same again this year, think what you want we think it's cute! p.s. I don't think thier dads do and are probably wondering at what age this is going to stop!) and then Emma shows up with her mommy and daddy (who are like family to us) . We set them down for a few pics and gave them a kiss and left. Jaime and I leave our babies crying (no not our kids, us)...I mean real tears falling while we were walking down the hallway of the school.
I think we were both wishing that they would have been a little sad, but no they were not they looked so grown up sitting there, they just waved goodbye to us, and they have no idea what is in store for them over the next several years of their lives. This is just the beginning, and they will grow so fast. I just pray that they make the right choices in their lives, and listen to their mommies because we do know best regardless of what they think (even and the age of five, because they both think they are smarter than us!)
After the emotional goodbye we dropped the other boys off and I headed to my fourth surgery of the year. My good friend Carissa texted me while I was waiting to go back for my surgery and she said "think on the positive side, you get to be drugged and asleep during the first day of kindergarten while the rest of us have to think about how big our babies are getting all day" She did have a good point! Unfortunately, I couldn't be there to pick Ethan up on his first day of school, nor do I remember our conversation for the next few days about school! I do remember him saying school isn't so cool's so long! I have not gotten to take Ethan to school yet, and rode with my friend Jaime to get him one day. Hopefully I recover soon, so I can start to take care of my kids again. Thank you Jaime for helping out with Ethan this week so much (and me), I wouldn't want anyone else to play mommy for him during this important time in our lives besides you!
Here are a few pics I took on the first day. Don't look at the one of Ethan and I too close. I couldn't wear any makeup before my surgery!