Monday, May 10, 2010

Welcome home...finally!

Okay, so now that we are in the new house and somewhat settled, perhaps I can find a few minutes a week to write on the blog again! I has been a crazy and chaotic couple of months around here! The last few months at the apartment were insane. Daniel was traveling, I had to go through not one, but two surgeries. We had to be out of the apartment on the last day of March and the new house did not seem close to being done (but our builder did work a few miracles and we made it, although we had no yard and the paint was not completed on the outside on move in day). There were some tears shed the last few weeks, like when I realized the cabinets were not designed right in our master bath. The sinks and lights were not centered and we had a center cabinet on the wall between the sinks that was not going to fit once we put mirrors up. Daniel was gone and I came to the house to check everything out, FYI it looked like extreme makeover in my house. There were at least 20 workers here to get it all done for us to be out of the apartment. Anyway...I walked into our master bath and had to walk out because it was like a bad dream. Nothing was centered, and the granite was in with the sink holes cut out. I instantly started to freak. I grabbed Matt and Todd (aka the trim guys). We knew them fairly well because they were at the house everyday for about two weeks. They came in the bathroom, and they didn't have to say anything because the look on their faces said it all. I said "I just want to let you know I am going to cry." They were very helpful and we got it figured out (thank goodness). We had to take a cabinet down that was between the sinks and move some lights, but it all worked out.
Throughout this process I realized what little we need in order to survive. I wish Daniel had taken everything in our two storage units to the Goodwill instead of the new house, because now I have to find somewhere for all this stuff, and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. We have been here for over a month, and have put no decorations up because I'm afraid I'm going to change my mind, and if anyone has glazed walls you know they can't be touched up! Owen still wants to go back to the the "partment." I think it is because we were all so close. They have a play room upstairs, and I think they have played in it maybe 5 times. I think I'm going to give away all the toys too!
Easter was our first holiday at the new house and here are a few pictures! Yes that is a steri-strip on E's nose. Daniel and his cousin Clint were watching the kids when Melody and I went to pick up dinner (we were gone for literally 45 minutes) and Owen hit him in the nose with our bed rail. I also forgot to mention that the 3 year olds were playing with REAL darts while their daddy's were downstairs. That's what happens when you leave the two of them with the kids!