Monday, March 14, 2011

Snowed In

Last month we got hit with two major snow storms. Now I know some of you are laughing because really it was not that much snow, however for us "okies" it was so much, schools were closed for two weeks....yes I said TWO WEEKS! The first snow storm that came was actually classified as a blizzard. For some reason Daniel thought he would go to work. Why I don't know, I think it's because he recently switched jobs. Well, he didn't get far because our gates were stuck shut from all the snow, but being the good neighbor that he is, he spent about 45 minutes shoveling, so the gates would stay open. He decided maybe he would just stay home! For me all that snow meant two weeks stuck in the house with three rambunctious little boys! One who LOVES the snow, one who HATES the snow, and one that I would not let go out in the snow. I know I'm a bad mom for not letting Mr. Eli out in snow apocalypse of 2011, but have you seen toddlers all bundled up. They can barley walk and they sure as heck can't move their little arms. It just seems cruel, and it takes forever to get them all bundled up. Besides, I really don't like the snow either! I like to look from inside my warm house! However, I did get out one day to take some pictures of the boys and our friend's little girls! There was lots of sledding (for Ethan and Daddy), snowball fights (Ethan and Daddy), and snow ice cream (Owen did participate in the eating of the snow ice cream, but that's all)! Owie got out one day, and one day only, so good thing I got some pictures when I did! Eli, mommy is sorry that you don't have any pictures in our record breaking snowstorm, but next time it snows I promise I will let you play in it!

Okay, so you see happy Owie and happy Emma...

well... Owen is sitting next to me while I am looking through pictures and he says "Mommy! Stop! see that's when Emma threw that snowball at me, and then that's when the snow got down my jacket and Jaime got me the scarf because I was crying because I was cold" (what a memory! I told you he doesn't like the snow! Look at his face below!) I told him "I'm sorry Owen, but Emma looks so darn cute throwing that snowball at you!"(I love this picture of her,she is having soooo much fun!) And no, I don't really feel sorry for him because do you know how many things have been thrown at poor little Emma over the years by Owen?! Besides, when you play in the snow you get snowballs thrown at you! Emma wasn't even trying to hit Owen with the snowball anyway, he walked into her line of fire!

Emma and Ethan making snow angels

When you don't have enough sleds in Oklahoma you use the rubber mat that goes in the back of your car!

I can't decide if I like this one in black and white or color, so I just put both of them!

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